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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Widowhood Wednesday - 8/20/14

This is NOT intended to be professional advice of ANY sort!!
Please talk to your attorney and accountant about your affairs -
Your situation is unique to YOU!!
This is simply some of what I did - and it may or may not be -
What you want/need to do when the time comes - ;))

When we first started to line up our “Ducks” -
We talked about EVERYTHING -
And it is DEFINITELY easier if you TALK to each other -
About EVERYTHING!! - ;))

We both checked the internet for “What to do when someone dies” -
We both researched a variety of topics -

I printed out a bunch of checklists -
Got a large 3-ring binder and several sets of divider sheets -
Started making lists -
Collected the information -
Sorted and organized it in the binder -
Using little post-it notes instead of the label inserts for the tabs -
They are “moveable” and you don’t waste the label inserts - ;))

I tried to get myself pretty organized -
Then he died -
And I switched gears - ;))

The binder was good for collecting and organizing the information -
But then I actually had to “Deal with it” -
So I got a bunch of file folders -
And some accordion files -
And as I made the files -
I sorted them into the following categories -

To Do/Call

Everything “To Do/Call” was in the binder -
All nice and neat -
So I systematically went through the binder -
I would pull a list or section from the binder - To Do/Call -
Make a file -
Make the call -
Write down the phone number - when I called - who I talked to - what was said -
Then I either had to file a form or make another follow-up call - To Do/Call -
Or go somewhere - to do something - an Errand -
Or wait for them to send me something - Pending -
Or it was - Done - ;))

It’s been over a month now -
And I am pretty much done -
Except for some “Pending” stuff -
And I can’t control how fast they send me -
Whatever it is they’re sending me -
So I just have to wait - ;))

And while I wait -
I want to blog and sew - ;))

This is simply some of what I did -
And it may or may not be what you want or need to do -
When the time comes - ;))


#1 - Check the internet for “What to do when someone dies” -
And print out a bunch of checklists -
It will give you an idea of what needs to be done.
What I did may not be EXACTLY what you need to do -
And it may seem overwhelming at first -
But it IS doable -
In small chunks - ;))

#2 - Get a large 3-ring binder and several sets of divider sheets - ;))

#3 - Put everything you printed out -
And all of the information that you collect -
And all of the lists that you make -
In the binder -
To be sorted and organized later - ;))

You can also decide later -
Or when the time comes -
In which order you want/need to do -
Whatever it is that you want/need to do - ;))

And the more I think about it -
BOB should do her homework, too -
Because she may as well get her own “Ducks” lined up -
To make it easier for those I will someday leave behind - ;))

But this particular assignment is done - haha -
Because I already have the lists printed out -
And I have the binder -
And I have the divider sets -
So I can collect and organize my information -
But, unfortunately, someone else will have to deal with it -
Because I won’t be here - ;))


Ann said...

Hey, thanks for doing these posts. Definitely not something you want to have to think about. But I sure don't want to have to do everything all at once when the inevitable happens either.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You're welcome - ;)) It also helped that I am the one who pays the bills and keeps track of that kind of stuff. BOB has to make some extra notes for when I die - so people know where I stashed put stuff - ;))

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